Why Does My Induction Cooktop Keep Turning Off?

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Induction cooking is most popular in the modern kitchen. Unlike cave living or cooking, the induction system used superior technology to cook food. According to the safety adviser, the inductions are safe to cook the food. The feature of induction included automatic shut-off functions. It is common. But, why does my induction cooktop keep turning off on cooking time?

The automatic shut-off function is a safe and crucial feature because of perfectly has done the job. The overloaded, over-temperature, and overheating issues may harmful for the users when these types of safety measures occur the automatic induction shut-down.

On the other hand, when the cook setting time is over, most of the induction turns off automatically. But when the induction cookware sets shut-off automatically before you have done the job, it truly sucks for a cooking expert.

So, let’s find out some major reasons when your induction Cooktop shut-off automatically. Of course, you will get the best solution from this article.

When the Induction Cooktop Keep Turing Off Automatically?

You may be aware that most of the induction cooktop automatically shut down after full-fill the works. Some it stops when the user’s press the “stop” button. But sometimes, we found some issues that automatically shut-off our induction.

When the Induction Cooktop Keep Turning Off Automatically

What are the reasons? Let’s check out the below significant reasons.

1. Voltage Fluctuation Issues or Circuit Overload

Other voltage sometimes doesn’t contain normal power which affects our appliances. It is common that circuit breaking or circuit overloaded issues affect the electric appliances, and induction is not different from other electric appliances.

Each of the electric appliances has its own power limitation. It varies from country to country and appliances to appliances. But, most of the countries nowadays follow the standard voltage level, such as 230V at 50Hz.

On the other hand, few countries like Canada, the USA, Japan use 120V, which is perfect and easily meets any circuit. Moreover, you should also check out your circuit requirement. The majority of the circuit requires 15 AMPS. If you find this voltage perfect, then it is okay for you, and you can jump to the following reasons.

2. During Cook Time Induction May Automatically Shut-off

You may remember that induction is not a natural process to cook food. Induction never used any natural gas or other natural elements. So, it has some limitations for cooking. When the cook time limitation is finished, it may automatically shut-down.

Furthermore, when you use induction overtime, it occurs internal temperature issues and heats the sensors. Due to heat, the fan also stops working and comes out with safety features. When the safety features work, it is automatically shut-off.

3. Missing Cookware on the Cooktop

The cooktop always demands to cook some food until a limited time. But when the right induction cookware is not on the top of the cooktop, after some time, it automatically shut-off. Sometimes the manufacturer sets a time around 30 to 60 seconds.

Another reason is that they don’t apply the cooking elements in the right place. Sometimes the users don’t use the cooking elements in the center point, and this why the sensor doesn’t work perfect. When this type of issue occurs, it is automatically stopped.

4. Energy Saving Issues

Now, most induction cooktops able to save energy. Thus, the manufacturer installs a sensor that only works for a limited time they set up. After the exact setup time by users, it only works for the time, and when the exact time is over, it is automatically shut-off.

5. Technical Error

Sometimes the induction cooktop comes with an internal error. It causes by the manufacturers. The induction is operated by programming features that may have an error. Though it is very rare, it occurs for any brand.

What To Do When It Automatically Shut-Off?

Have you detected the issues when your induction cooktop automatically shut-off? If yes, you may get the best solution from this section. Here, you will get a list that is capable of solving your induction cooktop automatic shut-off error.

What To Do When It Automatically Shut-Off

Step 1: Check Out E-code and Solve It

First of all, when you get the new induction, you get some code when you start the product. It is E code that is very simple to fix. You may have a user manual to keep it on your hand. Now you should follow the instruction. It is very easy, crystal, and clear to do.

Step 2: Voltage Issues

Well, you are free of E-code. Now, you should solve the voltage issues. You may already know your house voltage function. If the induction cooktop automatically shut-off due to voltage issues or circuit issues, you should wait some time until it is stable. Note, you should read out the user manual and full-fill the voltage requirements.

Step 3: Always Keep in Mind Overheated Issues

When you cook your food with induction, you should keep in mind overheating issues. You should not use the induction long-time without any break. Most of the automatic induction shut-offs because of overheating issues. So, after a time, stop the product, and after some time, you may again start to cook without any shut-off issues.

Step 4: Keep the Cooktop Free When You Don’t Cook

According to our experience, keeping the pot and pan on the cooktop of induction starts the safety sensor. When safety issues occur, it is automatically shut down. So, you should avoid these types of issues as soon as possible.

Step 5: No Cookware Detected

Don’t lift the cookware during the cooking process. When you do this thing, the sensor of induction thinks that no cookware. After that, the automatic induction shut-off after a limited time.

Step 6: Keep Cookware Based Right Size

Try to keep the cookware base right size to avoid automatic shut-off issues. You should remember that no cookware will get heated unless the induction follows two significant functions, such as right size and ferromagnetic. To ensure this step, you may check out your user manual, which you would get with your induction.

Final Verdict

Now, you are aware of the automatic shut-off of your induction and also aware of the solution. Most of the time, the automatic induction shut-off because of a safety sensor. Note, most of the induction also shut-off for energy-saving. If you already suffer from this error, you need to solve the error as soon as possible surely. Are you still unsatisfied? Let us know the below comment box?

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