Stainless Steel Cookware Vs Nonstick: What’s the Difference 2021?

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Cooking has been already turned into a passion that has no boundary based on gender. Stainless and nonstick cookware are there to make the cooking happen. It’s been a common ask for everyone that what are the differences between them. In this article, we are going to mention all the things regarding stainless steel cookware vs nonstick.

However, Stainless steel cookware is now at its best because of prospering and regular changes. They are known for being durable as well as attractive. These are used in most of the restaurants around the world because of its versatility. On the other hand, nonstick cookware has a smooth surface and it allows foods to be browned without sticking to the pan.

Stainless Steel Cookware Vs Nonstick: What’S The Difference?

There are lots of differences between stainless steel cookware and nonstick cookware. If we differentiate them from different sectors, there can be many places. Let’s start comparing stainless steel cookware vs nonstick according to the way they are made, cooking quality, uses, durability, utensils, safety, Price, and the process of cleaning up.


1) How it is made

Stainless Steel Cookware – These are usually made from a combination of metals. These metals are mainly carbon, iron, and chromium. There is also the presence of a little amount of copper, titanium, nickel, and vanadium. Multiple layers of steel as well as some other metals are also present in the stainless steel cookware.

In the case of food, this is the only thing that comes in contact with. They are stable enough to filter any kind of toxic metals. In the case of Stainless Steel Cookware, it is better to avoid any kind of damage. Because it can be a cause of health risk. Stainless Steel Cookware is made of very good heat conductors and it distributes heat very effectively. In case of weight, the more weight, the better outcome you get.

Nonstick Cookware – Nonstick Cookware is made with the coating of Teflon. Comparatively, it is a lot differently made than stainless steel cookware. It’s not good in the making like the previous one. Its surface is very smooth. When you have even a little damage, it becomes harmful to use. Because some of the metals get mixed with food and creates a lot of problems. So, by all means, it loses the battle when it comes to the making.

2) Cooking quality

Stainless Steel Cookware Vs Nonstick: What’s the Difference 2021? 1

In the case of cooking, both are not the same. Actually, it’s tough to decide without any discussion. Let’s make it easier for you to choose which one gives better performance in the sector of cooking

Stainless Steel Cookware – Using stainless steel cookware is better when it comes to the high-temperature stove. Suppose, you are cooking Sauté or stir fry with stainless steel cookware. You need to allow your pan to be heated up before adding any oil. Now it’s time to add the food. It is useful whenever you need to cook something that needs a higher temperature to be cooked.

Nonstick Cookware – Nonstick cookware is better to use in case of delicate items. It’s not for use at high temperatures. They can’t produce as much as stainless steel cookware does. So undoubtedly, it is better to go with the stainless steel cookware considering the cooking quality.

3) Best uses

Stainless Steel Cookware – You can use it for searing or in case if you want to make crispy poultry skin, it’s a better choice. Because the poultry stays stuck to the pan until it gets crisp. While cooking tomatoes and vinegar, you can use them. Because they are acidic ingredients and metals don’t react with acidity. In short, you can use it while cooking at high temperatures.

Nonstick Cookware – For cooking pancakes, scramble eggs, saute, or any foods like fish, nonstick cookware is the best choice. It also ensures the best uses in cooking rice or custards.

4) Durability

Stainless steel cookware is more durable than nonstick cookware. With better care, they can even last a lifetime. But in the case of nonstick cookware, it doesn’t happen. They mainly last in between 3-5 years. Because it is easy to get scratches for them. When this happens, it becomes problematic and harmful to health.

5) Utensils Used

As we have previously mentioned that stainless steel cookware is more durable than nonstick cookware. The used utensils are Bamboo, Wood, Silicone, Metal, and Nylon/Plastic. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of these utensils.

Utensils Pros Cons
Bamboo ●  Affordable

● Environment friendly

●  Cleaning is easy

● Extra maintenance

●  Not dish washable safe

Wooden Utensils ●Easy to grip

● Durable

● Elegant

●   Difficulty in cleaning

●  Stain easily

Silicone ●  Comes with different colors

●   Can be afforded

● Durable

●  Heat resistant

● Sharp knives can damage easily

●  Less than 100% silicone

Metal ●  It’s attractive

●  Durable

●  Cleaning is easy

● Costly

●   Superficial scratches

6) Safe for use


You would be surprised to know that it’s been 10-15 years that the issue of its safety is being studied. It’s a known fact that they have some chemicals that can cause cancer. But very recently, the case has turned out to be a lot different. It’s not like before. The harmful elements are reduced wonderingly. In the case of stainless steel cookware, it is safe to use.

On the other hand, non stick cookware is coated with Teflon and also safe to use. But that being said that the Teflon coating can flake off while the temperature is high like 300 degree C. And this is more likely happened to cheap quality pans and those aren’t properly taken care of.

7) Ease Cleanup and care

In this sector, stainless steel cookware loses to nonstick cookware. Because it is very easy to clean nonstick cookware. But the process of cleaning stainless steel cookware is a bit tougher than nonstick cookware.

8) Price

In most cases, price ensures better quality. Here in the comparison of price, stainless steel cookware is more costly than nonstick cookware. It is easily understandable that making stainless steel cookware is more complex than nonstick cookware. Moreover, steel costs much more than aluminum. You will find stainless steel cookware without aluminum. But it is also better to know that the price varies from brand to brand.

Stainless Steel Cookware Vs Nonstick Which Is Best?

However, stainless cookware is a top choice among the professionals’ kitchen as it can leave a sparkling look. On the contrary, the rises of nonstick cookware has increased in the modern era.

Stainless Steel Cookware Vs Nonstick Which Is Best

Taking all the things into consideration, we would recommend stainless steel cookware rather than nonstick cookware. In most of the sectors, stainless steel cookware wins in the battle of stainless steel cookware vs nonstick cookware. But, the ideal thing to do is, understanding the necessity first. Depending on that, you should make a decision.


Reading this article, maybe you have been able to know how and why they are different from each other and where they should be used. We have also tried to help you to find out which one is better for you. Besides all this, we have also provided you all the important information regarding each of them.

Now, it’s up to you which one you will choose in the battle of Stainless steel cookware vs nonstick cookware. We would like to add a very important note that it is not necessary to judge them according to their quality and some other things. It’s better to understand, which one is better for you. So make the best choice by all means.

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