Safe Grabs Review 2021: Are the Safe Grabs Worth Your Money?

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Burning my hand during cooking was a common thing. Especially when it comes to taking out any pot from the microwave. I may use the napkin, but those are not appropriate. When the pot is too hot at that time it’s impossible to hold it. So, I was searching for a napkin that is heat resistant and I can easily hold any pot. I find the Saw grabs on the internet and wanted to buy this.

The ergonomic design and heat resistance capabilities make this popular.  No more burning hands and there is no dropping any pot due to heat. After using this device, I wanted to write a Safe grabs Review. This review will provide you proper knowledge about this product. You will learn how this silicon mat is completely safe for any food.

What is Safe Grab?

In a simple word, I can say that Safe Grabs is a mat that helps to cover the food. It helps to hold the hot kitchen appliances from the microwave. This is a multi-usable product that makes my life easier. What-is-Safe-Grab I can use it to bring out any pot from the microwave. Besides, I can cover the food or keep the pot on this mat. The gadget can tolerate up to 475˚ Fahrenheit temperature. This safe grab uses a strong grip that helps to avoid slipping off the bowl.

Whenever I use a napkin to hold any hot bowl, most of the time I lose control over the bowl because of heat. Sometimes I am unable to grab the hot bowl due to the slippery interface. But this safe grab has a strong grip with non-slip quality. What-is-Safe-Grab So, there is less chance of falling down the bowl from my hand. This grab entirely matches with my decorated house for its smart design. I can easily clean it with liquid soap. That helps to maintain my hygiene and also there left no food stain.

Benefits and Features for Safe Grabs

When I started writing the Safe Grabs Review, I read some online reviews. I thought they are writing extra features for this product. Still, I ordered the safe grabs out of curiosity. After using the safe grab, I got so many benefits from its features. Here are they- Benefits-and-Features-for-Safe-Grabs

BPA Free:

I always try to choose the right appliances to make or cover my food. Otherwise, the materials may affect my food. The safe grabs are completely BPA free and there is no harmful chemical used on the product.

Silicon Mat:

Earlier I thought the silicone mat can be harmful to my food. This material can make my food toxic. But silicon is completely safe and I can use the silicon pot or mat to cover or make food. And this safe grab is basically a silicon mat that is harmless.

Strong Grip & Non- Slip:

This feature of safe grabs helps in various ways. The extra strong grip features help to hold the pot safely. Non-slip quality prevents slipping the pot. One side of the mat has a notch design, this helps to hold the pot easily.

Dishwasher Safe:

I can easily clean any food stain on this mat. There is no restriction in cleaning with some liquid soap and lukewarm water. I can easily remove the stain. After drying the water, I can keep this mat under the sun and it can be completely ok to use later.

Heat & Cold Resistant:

The safe grab is completely heat and cold resistant. I can easily use this mat in hot and cold temperatures. The heat resistant limit of this mat is up to 475˚F. Also, I can keep this mat in the refrigerator. Heat-Cold-Resistant

Open Jars:

Safe Grabs not only keep my food safe but also, I can easily open the jar. Sometimes I struggle with my jar. It’s hard to open. The notch system of this mat helps to hold the jar tightly and I can open the jar without breaking it.


This is very lightweight and easy to carry. I can use it to cover the food. Because of its lightweight, there is no hassle of carrying this mat. Also, to open the jar or protect my food from outside germs, this one is the best.

How to Use Safe Grabs Microwave Mat?

Though this Safe Grab is known as the mat I can use this amazing thing in my kitchen in various ways. Here I will show you how I can use this Safe Grabs Microwave Mat How-to-Use-Safe-Grabs-Microwave-Mat

  • First, I use a mat under the dish and keep the dish in the microwave.
  • When the food is hot enough, I turn off the switch.
  • Grab the mat and slowly take the dish out with a safe grab
  • The mat is heat resistant, so there is no chance of burning hands.
  • To keep the hot dish on the table this mat is a great use.

There I only showed how I can use the mat on the microwave. Also, to open the jar, I need to grab the jar with safe grabs. The notched side of the mat will be on the top side of the jar. This notch side will help to grab the jar and I can easily open the jar without breaking or damaging it.

How Does Safe Grabs Work?

There is no complicated thing that works on the safe grabs. Though the mat looks thin I don’t burn my hand after using it. Because the mat has heat resistant capacity. Also, this mat is completely non-toxic and I can use it at any temperature. How-Does-Safe-Grabs-Work The strong grip and notch design help to hold any dishes strongly. Also, one of the great decorated items this safe grab is. I can use this on the dressing table to keep the make-up things or on the dining table to keep hot dishes. The design of this mat is completely upgraded so I don’t feel like using it as a decorative product. One of the best kitchen gadgets is that it makes my life more comfortable.

Why Should You Choose Safe Grabs?

The Safe Grabs is a smart kitchen tool for all. After using the Safe Grabs and reading the Safe grabs Review, I tried to gather some pros and cons.

Pros of Safe Grabs
  • Multi Purposes Design. Dishwasher Safe BPA free Heat Resistance Flexible to use. Non-stick silicone material.
Cons of Safe Grabs
  • Heat resistant limitation is less than 500˚ Fahrenheit. Only available in the online store.

Why Do We Recommend Safe Grabs?

I found so many reviews about this product. From my point of view, I can say that this mat is flexible to use. There is no tension of burning my hand. I can easily use it anywhere I want. The heat and cold resistant makes this more attractive. It has different colors and I can use it for multi-purposes. If there is any food stain left, I can simply clean the mat. This is one of the smart kitchen gadgets so far I get. For its stylish design and strong grip capacity I highly recommend using this product.

Where To Buy Safe Grabs?

For kitchen lovers like me, this Safe Grab is the safest and essential equipment. But I didn’t find this in the local store. So, I searched online for Safe Grabs. And finally, I was able to find the perfect site. This site recently offering a mega deal. Their best deal is to buy 2 Get 1 Free. I can also get my money back in 30 days in case the product doesn’t satisfy me.

Safe Grabs FAQ’s

I am sure there are so many queries about the Safe Grabs. Here are some answers I tried to give for your convenience.

How to wash away food stains?

You can wash any food stains easily. To wash the stains at first rinse with the water, you may use the liquid soap and then dry it. Later you can dry the grabs on sunlight for some time.

Why is the popcorn made in microwaves not okay?

Making popcorn in the microwave is not ok. The heat of the microwave keeps the popcorn dry and leaves so many stains on the mat.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, the safe grabs are completely safe for children and for all other people.

Final Thought

I am fully satisfied after using this BPA free silicone mat safe grabs. I can write so many things and deliver a positive Safe grabs Review. The satisfactory level is so much high about this product. This safe grab has multi-colors that can enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

Also, everyone in my house can now take out the food from the microwave. Because of the heat resistant and non-slip quality. I can cover the food and my food remains toxic free. It doesn’t matter which temperature I use for this mat. The eye-catching features and helpful benefits make me buy this product more.

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