Robot Coupe CL50 Review – A Continuous Feed Food Processor!

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Did you ever count the time that has been wasted in preparing fruits and vegetables in the kitchen? Usually, we don’t count the time but we always feel the necessity of our work speeding up. Cooking for a medium-sized family takes almost a couple of hours for preparing vegetables and fruits every day. But within that time you can cross miles of miles. Did you think about it? Now think, how many times you are wasting daily.

You know modern science has invented many types of equipment, machines, and tools for making our lives easy. Robot coupe food processor is such a machine that is anyone’s good friend in the kitchen. By this time you can guess the content is going to be about robot coupe CL50 review. So, let’s go to discuss all features and important points with no waste of time.

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Robot Coupe CL50 Review in 2021

As it is an electric device, you should have known some essential information. At the same time, the machine might be a thing for you. In that case, it is also necessary to know how to use it. As the primary goal is to save time and preparing foods and fruits in a better way knowing its production capacity is also important. We decorate the review section with such kind of information that is necessary for any user.

Robot Coupe CL50 Review

Power Requirement

The food processor does bulk work within a moment. That is why you might think its power requirement would be high voltage. But it’s not. The food processor machine runs on the regular house electrical connection. It needs only 120 volts. So, don’t worry about the power requirement as it doesn’t require a special type of connection. Just ensure the connection is safe. And be safe while plug-in and plug-off the cord.

Processable Food Options

If a machine can only prepare some specific kinds of vegetables and food then it wouldn’t be more beneficial. The manufacturer kept this thing in mind and that is why they make the machine compatible with all kinds of food and vegetables.

The food processor has two hoppers. One is kidney-shaped and the other is cylindrical shaped. The kidney shape hopper can accommodate bulky shape vegetables and the cylindrical hopper is designed for long vegetables. That is why don’t worry about the size and shape of the vegetables. No matter whether you prepare cabbage, celery, or cucumber, carrot! The machine allows almost all fruits and vegetables of all sizes and shapes. You just have to buy the cutting disc according to your cutting choice. Nothing is complicated here.

Construction and Durability

Polycarbonate is the construction material of this food processor. The material is used as the base can withstand processing food in large quantities. The polycarbonate is thermoplastic and doesn’t get damaged by rust and corrosion by its nature. So, it lasts longer.Robot Coupe (CL50) Continuous Feed Food Processor

The manufacturer also uses a special technique to build the machine. They make it such in a way it can be opened part by part. Thus they make it easy for cleaning. Proper cleaning is the best care for this machine. Thus it gives long-lasting service to its users.

Production Capability

The motor of the machine runs at a constant rate. That means it is a single-speed food processor. That means the hassle of changing the speed is absent in this machine. However, the machine does its job very quickly. The production rate per hour is around 220 pounds. That means the food processor can prepare 220 pounds of vegetables and fruits. If 10 persons work combined at a time, they all cannot do the same job as this machine. Hopefully, you can guess the time that the machine can save for you.


It indicates the energy consumption of any electric device. The machine is 912 watts. That means if the machine works for an hour continuously, it doesn’t consume one unit of power even that. Yes, it consumes less energy than it works.


The manufacturer definitely offers a limited lifetime warranty. But you have to buy the machine from a trusted seller to ensure you are getting the brand new and flawless machine. The manufacturer offers 1-year parts and labor warranty. If any parts of the machine get damaged accidentally, the manufacturer will take responsibility. Just ensure you’ve got the brand new machine. To get that surety you can follow our link.

  • Supplied by one grating and one slicing disk
  • User-friendly lever-activated auto start
  • Accommodates vegetables in large quantities at a time
  • More production capability
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy polycarbonate motor base
  • Extremely durable
  • Expensive compared to other models

Bottom Line

The machine is made especially for commercial use. That is why the price seems expensive to you. We want to request you not to compare the price with the food processor that we use at our home. You also can realize why the price is high if you just use the machine for a single time. We write almost all the necessary information in this Robot Coupe CL50 Review. Even then, if you need something to know, you are appreciated to ask your queries in the comment box. We will reply as early as possible.

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