iWater Deluxe Review 2021: A Revolutionary Smart Gadget

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I hear about iWater Deluxe all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? Everyday I cook, clean dishes and wash myself with the tap water. For a long time, I was searching for an automatic water controller to save my water bill.

One of my closest neighbors showed me the device. Then, I purchased it to make a trial. After using a month, I calculated the present bill and previous bill. There was so much difference in the bill that fulfilled my requirements. In this iWater Deluxe review, I will share all about the iWater Deluxe and how it helped me. Stay tuned.

What is iWater Deluxe?

iWater Deluxe is a sensor based water controller that supplies water when you put something under it. It is an effective solution to saving water consumption and bills. I can measure water leakage with the device. Its motion sensor and auto dispensing easily control the water flow.

What is iWater Deluxe

Also, its design is compact so it can be used with all types of tap. It is battery operated and I use a USB cable to charge it. On a full charge, it works up to 6 month which is amazing. I have experienced remarkable benefits from the water saver.

Features of iWater Deluxe

The iWater Deluxe provides a wide range of features. Let’s see the features from below:

Features of iWater Deluxe

Automatic water tap:

It is equipped with two sensors that automatically control water flow from the tap. The sensors work 5cm to 10cm distance from the water tap to wash hands, dishes, etc. After removing the objects, it stopped the water flow to save water.

Compact size:

Most of the home appliances are big, which is uncomfortable. The smart water tap controller’s size is super slim, which is half of our palm. It perfectly fits with all types of faucets with 6 different adapters.


When the device is attached to the water tap, forget the chance of flooding the kitchen. It supplies water only when any objects bring under the device. The sensors analyze hands within 0.25 seconds and then respond. It is an amazing solution to stay protected from kitchen flooding.

Long-lasting powerful battery:

The water tap controller comes with a durable battery that takes 3-4 hours to charge up completely. After charging, it works randomly for up to about half a year. The USB cable in the box is used to charge the gadget. It saves battery with utility bill consumption.


When it is supplying water, it never mixes any chemical elements and changes water formation. So, it is completely safe for us. It helps to save water and save our environment from waste.

What Is The Size Of Iwater Deluxe?

According to my measurement, the iWater Deluxe’s size is half of our palm, about 3.5 to 4 centimeters. When it started the water supply, I forgot its size. Most home appliances need not measure because big and small tap controllers work the same. The size is not a concern if the small device works intelligently than the bigger one.

How Does Iwater Deluxe Work?

iWater Deluxe is a small size water control box that works with sensors. The two sensors deliver water when the user puts the hands under it. Within 0.25 seconds, it detects the hands and starts watering. The sensors work at 5cm and 10cm distance. By using it, you can stay away from flooding. Also, it prevents water leakage and waste, so the bill will be reduced effectively.

How does iWater Deluxe work

It is totally eco-friendly because it does not mix any harmful elements in the water. Before using it, you should charge the iWater Deluxe using a USB cable. It takes 3-4 hrs for a full charge and works for up to 6 months on it.

The Ultimate Protection From Flooding

Most of the water tap becomes leak and occurs flooding at the kitchen. Also, when kids are playing with water, they leave the tap running, which causes flooding. To prevent the problem, iWater Deluxe performs well to control water flow. When I put my hands under it, the water comes. And when I remove my hands, it stops the water tap. The intelligent device stops the trouble and keeps us safe.

Why We Say Is Great For The Environment?

It has a heavy-duty battery that runs up for a long time on 100% charge. That saves the electric bills with water bills. Several gallons of water can be saved by using enough water as we need. The water tap sensor helps to prevent the unnecessary use of water. Also, it does not mix any chemical substances and change the water formation, so the water will be original as it comes from the source. For its ultimate water-saving feature, it is great for the environment.

Why We Say Is Great For The Environment

How Long It Last The Battery Of iWater Deluxe?

The iWater Deluxe works on two different sensors that are powered by a durable battery. The battery should be charged through a USB cable and need about 4 hours for full charge. After a full charge, it works up to 6 months, which is incredible. By the way, it reduces the utility bills and we can save money.

How iWater Deluxe is different from other devices?

It is difficult to control the extra water flow in the kitchen and washroom. I have tried my tricks and devices to control them. But nothing makes me happy. After adding the iWater Deluxe on the water tap, it smartly controls the leakage, overflow, and unnecessary water use. It has 6 different shaped adapters, so all types of faucets can be fitted with it. Also, for its long time working on a single charge, I never worry about its re-charging issue. It saves my money by reducing utility bills by controlling water usage.

Where Can I Purchase The Iwater Deluxe?

Where can I purchase the iWater Deluxe

The iWater Deluxe can be ordered easily from the manufacturer’s official website. I have purchased it from here and suggest you get it from the official address.  I have got a 50% discount on my purchase. The iWater Deluxe manufacturer offers a 30 days money-back guarantee with 3 years conditional warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I have answered some frequently asked questions about iWater Deluxe.

Does iWater Deluxe really save water?

It only delivers water when you put hands under the water. In this way, it saves thousands of gallons of water in a year. If you estimate the cost, you will see great savings on water bills.

Do we need to replace the battery after every use?

We do not need to replace the battery because it is rechargeable. After a full charge, it goes up to 6 months.

Final Thought

In the iWater Deluxe review, I have discussed the ultimate water controlling device’s features, operation method and all facts. It is a compact, convenient, revolutionary water tap sensor that is needed for everyone. The efficiency of the gadget saves our money by decreasing excessive water usage. I recommend everyone to get the iWater Deluxe to make the environment safe.

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