How To Use Microwave Rice Cooker – A Complete Guide 2021

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Whether you’re a happy old bachelor or too busy to stand beside the pot while cooking, it can be annoying to cook. The microwave rice cooker can be a great addition to your kitchen appliances to make it easier to cook rice. It can be a time-saving solution for a better cooking experience, especially when making it quick. A microwave rice cooker can cook rice within a very short period, as short as 10 minutes.

However, new technology means new skills to learn and new things to explore, and it’s true for the microwave rice cooker as well. If you’re planning to get a microwave rice cooker or already have one, you must know how to use microwave rice cooker. Stick to the article to learn how to start using a microwave rice cooker and make a bowl of fluffy rice quickly.

Is Microwave Rice Cooker Safe?

Using a microwave rice cooker is completely safe because you will use an appropriate amount of water for perfect steam. The steam is the key thing to make perfect rice, and the microwave makes it easier to get it a perfect amount of steam in a short period. The microwave will heat the rice and the water in a proper way that the right amount and time will make a healthy rice bowl.

how to use microwave rice cooker

It will be as healthy as you may cook rice on a stovetop using a regular cooking method. Plus, most of the microwave rice cookers are dishwasher-safe and BPA free. Cleaning it or eating food from the pot won’t hurt your body internally as it doesn’t emit any chemical into the food.

How To Use Microwave Rice Cooker? (Step By Step Guide)

Although rice is a great side dish or the primary dish for some, it needs a specific process to make it perfect. Here is a step by step guide on how to use microwave rice cooker for cooking rice in your microwave oven:

Step 1 (Measuring)

The main and foremost part of cooking rice in a microwave rice cooker is the measurement. You will need a measuring cup, the rice itself, clean water, and the cooker with the microwave oven. Depending on how many people are going to have a meal, you must choose the rice cook’s right size. Now, the amount of raw rice won’t be the same as the cooked one. You have to use 3/4 of a cup of raw rice to get a full cup of cooked rice. Measure the rice according to this rule and put it into a bigger bucket to collect the needed amount of rice.

Step 2 (Putting in the rice)

Once you have the rice in a bucket, you have to rinse the raw rice properly before you put it into the cooker. After washing the rice with tap water, you can now pour the rice inside the cooker from the bucket and add drinking water into that. The rule of thumb, while measuring the amount of rice will require double the amount of water to make the rice perfectly. So, if you’re cooking a cup of raw rice, you have to pour in 2 cups of drinking water into the cooker to cook it through.

Step 3 (Use the cooker properly)

If you like to use salt into the cooked rice, you can add 1/8 tablespoonful of salt for a cup of cooked rice. After adding the ingredients, mix salt with the raw rice and water in the cooker and put the lid on. If your rice cooker’s lid doesn’t have holes to release the steam, you shouldn’t put the lead before cooking. After putting the inner lid and the outer lid on, put the cooker into the microwave securely. Make sure the cooker is firm and secure in its place so that the bucket doesn’t move while the rice is getting cooked.

Step 4 (Cook it through)

Close the door of the microwave oven while the cooker is inside and set the microwave timer properly. Now for the timer, you have to set it to 11 minutes for cooking one cup of rice. If the rice is 2 cups, the timer on the microwave will be 13 minutes and 15 minutes if the amount of rice is 4 cups. For the power setting, you have to use the microwave at 100% power if it has less than 1000 watts power in it. If the microwave is 1000 watts or more than that, you have to use 70% of the power while cooking the rice.

Benefits Of Use A Microwave Rice Cooker

Here are the best benefits of using a microwave rice cooker that you should know if you’re confused about getting one:

Benefits of Use a Microwave Rice Cooker

Ease of use

Cooking rice is generally a bothersome job because it takes a lot of time to cook on a stovetop. However, making rice quicker is not an irritating job anymore if you use a microwave rice cooker. All you have to do is, put in the rice into the pot, mix it with the proper amount of water, and start the microwave. The automatic system will make you a perfect pot of rice with no other steps in between.

They’re affordable

If you go to the local store and try to buy any kitchen appliances, the first thing you have in your mind is the budget. Most of the kitchen appliances that eases the boredom at your work in the kitchen come with a hectic price range. However, microwave rice cookers are super cheap compared to the other appliances and what benefits they offer.

Easier to clean

Most of the kitchen appliances have a complex mechanism that makes the cleaning process a headache. However, if you use a microwave rice cooker, it will be a piece of cake to keep it clean. You will have better access to the inside and the exterior to reach water if you want to wash it with hand. Furthermore, most of the microwave rice cookers are dishwasher-safe, so you can put it into the dishwasher and clean it easily.

Healthy meal

A microwave rice cooker is an ideal buy if you’re looking for a healthy way to cook rice in the microwave. You’ll not lose any healthy nutritional value in the rice because you’ll control the amount of water and the rice to retain the nutritions. They are corrosion-free and don’t emit any harmful components into the food that might get dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about microwave rice cookers that you might have an interest in:

Are microwave rice cookers any good?

Getting a microwave rice cooker can be the best option if you have a microwave oven. With a little investment, you can avoid the bothersome job of cooking rice on a stovetop.

Can I cook pasta in a microwave rice cooker?

Yes, you can easily make any type of pasta in a microwave rice cooker with the proper procedure. Use the proper amount of water as the manufacturer suggests you add and cook.

Can you cook microwave rice out of the packet?

You don’t usually cook from a ready-rice package, but it may taste a little grittier than normally would. So, if you want to cook it, see how long it requires and put it into the cooker to warm it.

Final Thought

Rice is a great alternative dish at a very low cost, but it can take more time to cook than any other dish. Microwave rice cookers are by far the best as extensions to modern microwaves you may have in your home. However, technology in kitchen appliances has made cooking a lot easier; cooking rice with comfort isn’t any different. You must know how to use microwave rice cooker to get a perfect bowl of rice. Follow the steps I’ve mentioned above and memorize the measurement rules to avoid any problem along the cooking process.

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