How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker The Perfect Way?

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Congratulations to you! You choose to use  Aroma Housewares kitchen appliances for minimizing your cooking time. Aroma Rice Cooker is a Digital Rice Cooker which has plenty of benefits. By learning How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker anyone can cook without any hassle. It has a simple operating process and easy to clean. You can cook white rice, brown rice within 10 minutes in an Aroma Rice Cooker.

Therefore, knowing the right using function of  Aroma Rice Cooker is essential to get the best benefit from it. Since it has versatile functions of use you should know every function clearly. As a slow cooker and a food streamer, it has an individual operational function. This write-up has a guideline on its plenty of operating function and instruction. Keep following us to know in detail.

How Long Does Rice Take to Cook in an Aroma Rice Cooker?

An Aroma Rice Cooker normally takes almost 10 minutes to cook white rice both in pot style rice cooker and in a cool-touch rice cooker. To cook brown rice it takes the same time as  Korean Rice Cooker for 20 minutes for a cup of uncooked rice. Please note down the measurements. Which has given by Aroma Housewares Company that comes with the product.

How Long Does Rice Take to Cook in an Aroma Rice Cooker?

It is recommended that brown rice need to soak in warm water or need a boiling bath before cooking. In a cool touch unit, all you need is a place to soak the rice and water into the inner pot. This is the cause of taking time to cook brown rice in the rice cooker. The cool touch unit in the rice cooker allows the rice to soak in warm water. After finishing it, the unit customarily switches to cook mode.

Once by finishing cooking your rice are ready to enjoy. It is not recommended to cook below two cups of rice, because this may cause to shut off the unit automatically. Here is a chart to follow the Ratio of Rice and Water While Cooking in an Aroma Rice Cooker.

For Pot Style:

For Pot Style

For Cool Touch:

For Cool Touch

How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker

If you want to cook delicious food you need to know How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker. Since it has versatile uses. This cooker is able to cook rice, steam vegetables, and also great for making soups. Therefore knowing every Instruction Manual of Aroma Rice Cooker is essential. Here we have a guideline on individuals’ recipes. By following this guideline you will able to make delicious food in a short period of time.

How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker

1. Cooking Perfect Rice

Before starting cooking you need to clean it with soap and warm water. After rinse and air dry it perfectly it is ready to use. The steps you need to follow are listed below.

Step 1- By using the measurements cups put rice and water into t6he inner pot.

Step 2- Rinse the rice perfectly to clean excess starch

Step 3- Fill the inner pot with the water by measuring the line which suits depending on the amount of rice.

Step 4- Put the inner cooking pot into the rice cooker

Step 5- Close the lid perfectly

Step 6- Plugin the power cord into a socket

Step 7- Click on the Power/Keep Warm button to turn on the Rice Cooker

Step 8- Press on the Brown rice/White Rice button depending on which type of rice you are going to cook.

Step 9- Then the rice cooker automatically cooks the rice and the indicator light will illuminate

Step 10- It will take 12 minutes to finish the cook finally after countdown time from starting.

Step 11- Once the cooking is finished the rice cooker will automatically turn to Keep-Warm mood.

Step 12- After finishing the service of rice cooking press on the Power/Keep-warm button twice and plug out the power cord from the socket.

2. To Use as a Slow Cook

Slow Cooking function executes as a conventional High Slow Cook function. It is a great function of the Aroma Rice Cooker. Slow cooking is perfect for those who want flavor in food. A Manual Stainless Steel Slow Cooker does the job perfectly.  Follow the below steps to use Aroma Rice Cooker as a Slow Cooker.

To Use as a Slow Cook

Step 1- Put food into the inner cook pot for slow cook

Step 2- In the rice cooker place the inner food pot

Step 3- Close the lid with a safety

Step 4- Plugin the power cord in an available outlet

Step 5- Press the Keep Warm/Power button to turn on the rice cooker

Step 6- Press the slow cook button to cook slowly. On the digital screen, the countdown will show

Step 7- Clicking on the Slow Cook button once time, increase the time by one hour up to 10 hours.

Step 8-  If the desired cooking time has fixed the rice cooker will beep on the display screen. It will beep again after and will stop flashing when it has set.

Step 9- The Rice Cooker starts to slow cook. The digital screen will count down the time from starting time to the ending time.

Step 10- Check the rice cooker by removing the lid. If the rice has been cooked fully then it is ready to serve.

Step 11- After finishing the serving switch off the Rice Cooker and Press the Keep Warm/Power Button and remove the power cord from the power source.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Rice Cooker

Safety and Maintenance is the important thing of any product like a kitchen appliance. They ensure the durability and long-lasting of any product. To keep Aroma Rice Cooker safe and workable one needs to follow some safety which has given in the instructions manual. There are also some maintenance tips in the manual guide for keeping it safe when you are not using it. Without taking much safety before using any electrical device and knowledge about its Parts Identification, it may lead you to an accident. Here are some safety tips listed below for reducing the possibility of an accident.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Rice Cooker

Safety Tips:

  • Always use handlebars or knobs to hold it. Do not touch the surface.
  • Constant supervision is needed when using Rice Cooker in front of children.
  • Unplug the power cord when it’s not used and before cleaning. Allow its parts to cool down before cleaning.
  • Do not place your Rice Cooker in front of an electric burner or any heated oven.
  • Always use Rice Cooker with a 120V AC power outlet.
  • Follow extreme caution when opening the lid after cooking or during cooking.
  • Do not keep rice in the inner pot for more than 12 hours.
  • Never use the inner pot on a burner or on a stovetop.
  • To eradicate the risk of electrical shock always cook in the inner cooking pot.
  • To turn off any control or disconnect it, always remove the power source from the power outlet.

Maintenance Tips:

Rice cooker is a durable and functional kitchen appliance. As long as this device maintenance properly you can use it for decades. To keep the rice cooker top shape, you need to follow the below-recommended tips.

  • Disconnect all the power cords before clean them and give them time to cool down all the parts.
  • Use warm water and soapy water to disinfect it properly.
  • You can use a mild dishwasher but never use Dishwashing Detergent because they are cause for discoloration in the pot.
  • Do not use any Hard and Abusive cleaners to clean inner stick coating.
  • After cleaning rinse it properly and allow to dry it perfectly. Make sure the bowl is completely dry when keeping it back on the base.
  • Use only Damp Cloth to clean the exterior


Aroma Rice cooker is ideal for Health. A one-pot meal is perfect for the whole family. It allows you to cook and steam rice and vegetable in one pot. The versatile use of this Rice Cooker makes it reachable to its users. The more people will know How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker, the more people will be interested in this device.

By making delicious food for you Aroma Rice Cooker also keeps it warm for you for up to 10 years. No other Rice Cooker will not give you such kind of benefits that have given by Aroma.

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