How to Use a Roaster Oven Like a Slow Cooker?

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Sometimes it needs to utilize a device to multi-task. Intelligent people always tend to use a device with multipurpose capacity. It saves money and simplifies work. You may have a Roaster Oven in your kitchen as it has versatile uses. Ever think to utilize your Roaster oven as a slow cooker? You may wonder by thinking  about “Is it possible?”

Yes, It is possible to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker. This piece of writing will guide you on that issue. It follows a simple trick on how to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker. The multitasking ability of the roaster oven makes it suitable as a slow cooker. By navigating the temperature, you can use a roaster oven like a slow cooker. Stay with us to know the process in detail. 

What Is A Roaster Oven?

Roaster Oven is a simple device that boasts food with the help of temperature. It works with a roaster chamber instead of using gas or exposed coils. It has electrical heating elements, a detachable pan that is covered by a lid. A roaster oven size is small that can easily move from one direction to another direction. This compact kitchen appliance takes little space to heat. Roaster oven can cook fast. It doesn’t like the traditional oven.

Roaster Oven

A Roaster oven is demandable for its versatility. You can use it to make a large meal. You can also use a Roaster oven for cooking, bake, broil, etc. This oven is generally used for roast turkey. You can also cook casseroles, traditional chili, fish, cookies, lasagna,  steam bread, etc. The roaster oven takes a little time to cook any food. It doesn’t take much power even.

Roaster Oven is found in many sizes. The ideal length of a Roaster Oven is  16 to 22 quarts in capacity. You will find a small size Roaster Oven which is 6.5 quarts in size. The average heat tolerance capacity of a Roaster Oven is 150 F to 450 F. With the help of a manual temperature controller. You can cook at a slow or high temperature as you need.

What Is A Slow Cooker?

The other name of Slow Cooker is Crock-pot. It is an electrical cooking appliance that can use at low temperatures. The slow cooker is generally used for baking, frying, and boiling.  It takes a little time to cook any food than any other traditional cooking appliance. Typically, a slow cooker is made with metal, ceramic, or even porcelain—the body of a slow cooker surrounded by an electrical unit that holds a heating element.

What Is A Slow Cooker

A slow cooker has a lid which is built from metal, ceramic, or glass. The work of these lids is to create a low pressure that stops moisture from escaping the pot. A slow cooker takes less time than an oven to cook any food. A slow cooker can automatically switch when it reaches a specific temperature—this function depends on the manufacturer’s brand. Rice Cooker Vs Slow Cooker give you more information about the function of a slow cooker.

The slow cooker gently heats the food to cook it slowly. In a slow cooker, the unit is sealed for that the moisture evaporation is extremely low. Which means the dishes will wetter than before. This kind of cooker is best for soups, sauces, and stews and not suitable for drier dishes. To get an effective result, you need to cook at a low temperature in a slow cooker.

How To Use A Roaster Oven Like A Slow Cooker

A Roaster Oven and A Slow Cooker is the two different types of kitchen appliance. The functionality of these two appliances is different from each other. However, it is possible to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker. Slow cooking is best because it expenses less electricity and brings a flavor to the food by a long time cooking.

Roaster Oven Like a Slow Cooker

If you have a roaster oven and want to use it as a slow cooker, you need to know how to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker. If you know the method, you can cook various food on your roaster oven using the slow cooking method. Follow the following steps to cook like a slow cooker in a roaster oven.

Step 1: Cap the cooker with lids after placing the food item.

Step 2: Set the cooking time 8 to 1o min

Step 3: Spin the roaster to 200 F.

The time of the roaster oven depends on the item of the food. A roaster oven produces less heat in the kitchen, and it uses less energy to cook any food. It is ideal to invest in a roaster oven than buying an extra slow cooker. Roaster oven has versatile advantages that can use as an excess-large slow cooker. If you have a toaster oven, you need not ignore any slow cooking item since you have the right appliance.


The lid and the heated vapors which escape when lifting the lid can reason of an accident or burning. Use an oven mitt to hold the cover and the roaster oven. Ensure enough distance and keep away your hand and face from the plume of steam.

Final Thought

A roaster oven is an excellent alternative to a large oven because it is easier and convenient. For slow cooking, you need not manage an extra kitchen appliance. If you use a toaster oven before, you will agree that a roaster oven needs much care because of its carbon buildup after cooking. So clean your roaster oven perfectly after each use.

I hope after going through with this write-up, you have already known all the guidelines on how to use a roaster oven like a slow cooker. This multitasking oven needs proper maintenance to ensure long time durability.

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