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There is no way you could avoid gnats in your area and stay out of them entirely. Although they don’t harm you much, they are incredibly annoying for sure. There are tons of things in a house that can attract the gnats in and make you feel twitchy. All you can do about them is, keeping your home clean and making the gnats stay out of your house.

Calling for pesticide control for gnats isn’t an ideal option when it’s an easy job that you can pull yourself. There are some natural home remedies you can use to control the invasion of gnats in your house. Using dawn dish soap is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it. In this article, you’ll get through the processes of how to get rid of gnats with dawn dish soap effectively.

Will Dawn dish soap kill gnats?

Dawn dish soap is the best option as a home remedy when you’re in a fight with gnat at your home. Using it in different ways will help you keep every corner of your house free from the annoying gnats. When you use the dishwasher with vinegar and other attractive ingredients for gnats, it becomes even easier. Gnats come to the trap you made with the dish soap, get trapped in it, and die alone. The cleaning agents in dawn dish soap are enough to kill the giants and keep your favorite cookware free from them. So, you can kill as many gnats as you want by increasing the amount of dish soap traps in the affected areas.


How to Get Rid of Gnats With Dawn Dish Soap?

Dawn dish soap is one of the safest and most used home remedies to kill gnats without any side effects. Here are the ways you can use it and how to get rid of gnats with dawn dish soap entirely from your home:

Make a trap with dish soap and vinegar

It’s the most popular option for getting rid of gnats as it has a straightforward process. You can make a trap with the ingredients found in your home, and they are the dawn dish soap and a bit of vinegar. First, get all the ingredients, a small cup or bowl, the dawn dish soap, sugar, and vinegar. You can use apple cider vinegar for the process as well as regular vinegar.


Pour in the dish soap into the cup about 1/3 from the bottom and give in a tablespoon of sugar. Then, put in the vinegar, mix the solution, and let it sit. You can use it raw or cover it with kitchen wrap as well. If you wrap it, make holes on the top so that the gnats can get in and get trapped.

Make a spray of dawn dish soap

If you get gnat attacks sometimes, and not too often, you can keep your weapon ready to fight back. Besides making gnat traps around your house, a dawn dish wash soap spray will be a great instant solution. It’s very useful if you have gnats all over your plants in your home, which aren’t going into the trap. The process of making the spray is straightforward; you’ll need the soap with only water to make it.


Tip the dish soap in 1 tablespoon into a spray bottle with a quart of water. Shake the solution in the bottle vigorously, and you’re ready to apply it to the plants and countertop. However, be sure to test the solution before applying to the whole plant as some plants are sensitive to soap.

Make use of expired wine with dawn dish soap

I cannot ask you to make a sacrifice of your favorite wine to kill gnats; that would be an overkill. If you have some expired wine, that will work fine and help you trap the gnats and get rid of them. The process in it is similar to the method with vinegar, whether it’s apple cider vinegar or a regular one. Drip in some wine into a small vessel-like pot and add some drops of dawn dish soap. Mix them well and put the pot in the most affected area by the gnats. The wine will attract them and lead them into the pot, and the soap will drive them in and kill them.

What To Consider Before Using Dawn Dish Soap To Kill Gnats?

What to consider before using dawn dish soap to kill gnats

Before you start making the best use of dawn dish soap to kill gnats in your house, you must do it the right way. Here are some things you must consider before you can get a good result from your home remedy solution:

Remove the cause of attraction first

Before you make the solution and get into the killing mission, you must first remove the gnats’ attraction. Rotten fruits and exposed sweets are the main attraction spots for gnats in your house. If you have some fruit rotten in a narrow space of your kitchen or the bin, get rid of it first. Then apply the solution in that place to get the most effective result against the gnat.

Place the solution in a safe place

The remedy you made can be toxic over time, and it’s harmful to humans as it is for the gnat. You have to keep it out of sight where your kid or pet cannot reach and play with it or, worse, drink. Keep them that way until the trap is full of gnats, take the pot and wash it away in the sink.

Final Thought

Making the use of dawn dish soap has more advantages compared to the usage of chemical products in the market. Dish soap is not toxic to use for a long time in your house, and it doesn’t smell bad. Traps you make with the dish soap and other ingredients will attract the gnats and trap them inside to death.

Now, as you know, how to get rid of gnats with dawn dish soap, you can use the soap in different methods both inside your home or outside. Keeping your area free from gnats shouldn’t be a big deal if you follow them accordingly. However, make sure the traps you’re setting are in secure places where kids and pets don’t have a reach.

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