How to Clean Zojirushi Rice Cooker LID?

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Every rice cooker should be neat and clean before each cooking. So while using a Zojirushi rice cooker, the cleaning procedure should be well maintained. Especially the Lid portion. This is the parts that could get dirt after every cooking and sometimes the sticky dried food materials staying with it. For cleaning this you need to maintain some procedures that make your cooker’s lid clean and hygienic.

In this post, we’ll show you the step-by-step guide on how you can easily clean the Zojirushi rice cooker lid and what cleaning requirements you need to maintain.

What I Need To Clean Zojirushi Rice Cooker Lid?

To clean the Zojirushi rice cooker lid you must need a cleaning solution and rubbing materials. After proper cleaning, you should dry the lid properly. For doing this you need a dry soft cloth. You can use tissue paper as an alternative to a soft cloth. However, from start cleaning the lid to set on again in the rice cooker, the essential substance what you need are discussing here-

What I Need To Clean Zojirushi Rice Cooker Lid

Cleaning solution:

You can use soapy water to clean the inner lid of the rice cooker. However, it will be helpful for you to use a readymade solution like the dishwasher or detergent. These cleaning solutions will easily remove the sticky dirt from the lid.

Rubbing material:

For cleaning the lid, you must need a rubbing material like a kitchen sponge. The sponge will rub the lid gently and make it shiny clean.

For drying:

You can use a dry soft cloth or a home-use tissue paper to absorbing the water droplet from the lid.

How To Clean Zojirushi Rice Cooker Lid  (Step By Step)

When using a korean rice cooker, remeber the inner lid is pressing up with the cooking pot and prevents leaking the vapor to go outside of the cooker. So you should always clean the inner lid after each cooking. Otherwise, it could get stuck and unable to pass through the vapor to go outside of the cooker. To manage the problem, read this step by step guide-


Step 1 – Unplug the rice cooker

To do any kind of rice cooker cleaning task, you must unplug the cooker first. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for the cleaner. Besides if you clean while plugging these could be the reason for electric shock or even a short circuit. So make sure the electric line is off or unplugged.

Step 2 – Wait for the room temperature

Every cleaning task has to be done after cooling down any device. So you must wait for the room temperature and after then you can start cleaning the lid of the rice cooker.

Step 2 – Open the outer lid

After cooling down the cooker, now you can start your cleaning task. First, you should open the outer lid. The outer lid is internally connected with the inner lid. The inner lead is just staying upon the cooking pot. The good point is you can’t close the outer lid without inserting the inner lid.

Step 3 – Remove inner lid

To remove the inner lid you have to use your two-hand and pull down the lid toward your side. Don’t do this step using only one hand because it could instantly fall and be damaged. To prevent this incident If you do that step what we exactly say, you can protect your lid from further damage.

Step 4- Soak it in water

When you successfully remove the inner lid, you may see dried on food sticks onto the lid. So it needs to be soft enough to clean. For doing these steps easy, you need to soak it in water. You can use soapy water for better results.

Step 5 – Start cleaning

First, pick up the lid from the soapy water. If you didn’t soak the lid then you must do it first. It will do primary cleaning tasks.

Now take a kitchen sponge and dishwasher to complete the rubbing procedure from the border side to the center of the lid. Then rub it on the opposite side gently.

After rubbing on both sides, keep the lid below the tap water and clean it to the flowing water. You must check if there’re no dried and sticky food materials on both sides of the lid.

Step 6 – Dried up the lid

Before placing the lid on the rice cooker,  you must completely dry the lid. Otherwise, the water droplet can damage the heating element.  Though the Zojirushi rice cooker is quite durable, you can find other rice cookers review so that you compare the ability of this rice cooker.

However, to drying the lid, you can use a soft cloth. Gently rub with the cloth on both portions of the lid and make sure there is not a single drop of water. A home-use tissue paper can be another choice for drying the lid. The tissue can quickly absorb the water and give you a clean and shiny lid.

Step 7 – Set it on the rice cooker

After cleaning the lid, now it’s time to place it in the position where you first detach it. As like detaching from the outer lid, you have to use your both hand to place on the right position and set in the rice cooker.

Step 8 – Final check

When you place the inner lid onto the position, check if it is well managed with the outer lid or not. If you see there is any gap between the two-portion you have to detach and re-insert again. Although if you cook while remaining with the gap between the two lid portions then there’s a possibility of damaging the rice cooker. 

Final Verdict

Whenever you cook rice with a Zojirushi rice cooker, you should always check the lid portion is clear and clean or not. If you don’t keep clean the lid for few days the dry food materials stickly joint with the lid and then it cause the unhygienic cook. But if you check the lid and keep it always clean then you need not worry about cleanliness. The full cooking procedure will be hygienic.

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