How To Clean Rice Cooker With Vinegar?

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If you passed your college days in the hostel, you know how important a rice cooker is. It is not only used for cooking rice but also for different kinds of dishes. There are different kinds of ways you can clean your rice cooker. But I am going to tell you an uncomplicate, simple, and almost zero-cost solution. Well, I know you can’t wait to hear the name. Right? It is nothing but the vinegar itself.

Vinegar is an effective solution that can clean your rice cooker efficiently. However, if you don’t know how to clean rice cooker with vinegar, then don’t panic. I am here to tell you the complete process step by step with proper instructions. Let’s move forward to know about it.

Do you need to clean your rice cooker after every use?

The first question may arise from your head whether you need to clean your rice cooker daily or routinely or after every use. However, cleaning your cooker depends on the frequency of using it. If you use it every day, there are a lot of things like food residue, grime, oil, and many more things stored inside it.


Cleaning your rice cooker routinely and properly will prevent building up grime as well as helps your machine to function efficiently.  Most people think it isn’t much important to clean your rice cooker after every use due to laziness or busy life schedule or other things.

But we have already mentioned if you value your money and want to use it as a long-lasting product while cooking perfect tasty dishes, then it is better to clean it after every use. Nonetheless, if you aren’t a frequent user or don’t cook any oily or grime building up foods, you can clean it with simple warm water.

How To Clean Rice Cooker With Vinegar?

Washing away all the dust, oil, and food residue from your rice cooker is significant, especially when you want to cook the tastiest and juicy recipe. Here I am narrating some simple and helpful steps that you might not have heard before.

How to clean rice cooker with vinegar

Step 1:  Before Cleaning the Rice Cooker

As a conscious user, you should always take safety seriously. Make sure to unplug the power socket of your rice cooker so that it doesn’t come close to water.

The hot plate which produces heat to cook your food is an essential part of your pressure cooker. You must ensure that it remains safe while cleaning the cooker.

Most importantly, if you just cooked a dish and you want to clean it now, then you need to cool down your machine for a minimum of 30 minutes before starting to clean it.

Step 2: Clean the Individual Parts Independently

The most efficient way to clean your cooker is to clean each part of them independently. Most of us are not conscious enough to clean all the parts of the rice cooker. What we do is just clean the removable pots without separating them.

It is better to clean every part of the cooker routinely. You have to clean both the interior pot and other exterior parts of it. First, you need to take off the inner pot from the rice cooker.

Most of the people start their cleaning session by taking out the food residue and grimes that are stored inside the pot. However, it is only worthwhile when you have a busy schedule, and you need to use it instantly.

An uncomplicated yet decent way to clean the cooker is to soak the dirty pot inside warm water until all the food’s residue is removed. Then you take a sponge and clean it with soapy water.

The rice cooker lid that is detachable is another essential thing that you need to clean. First, remove all the residue and dirty objects from it using a sponge. Then, put the lid inside the warm water and clean it multiple times with a damp cloth. Make sure to rinse it properly after every time you wipe it.

Apart from these, some latest rice cookers come with a mini water reservoir. Its job is leaving the cooker dry from extra steam. Clean the lid using a sponge after vacating the contents. Make sure to dry all the parts properly before reassembling them.

Step 3: Using Vinegar to Clean the Rice Cooker

You may smell the odor or any unpleasant scent when you don’t clean the spot where you cook your tasty and juicy dishes. It may build up residue or other grimes. It may worsen the condition of your cooker if you clean it with an effective solution.

Vinegar is a simple and cheap, effective solution that can convincingly do the job. The amount of vinegar with water you need to use for cleaning the cooker is an important thing to consider.  You need to take one portion of vinegar with three portions of water.

Then, switch on your rice cooker and wait until it boils. After that, you should switch off the pot for a few minutes to make it cool. When the pot comes to a normal temperature, splash water over it multiple times. This is the simplest yet effortless way you can clean your cooker.

Step 4: Cleaning the Interior Parts of the Cooker

You can use a damp cloth to clean the interior parts of the cooker after taking off the inner pot. However, if you notice additional stubborn stains inside it, you may need to do a vigorous cleaning by pressuring it properly.

Don’t make the mistake of using any detergents inside the cooking pot. Nonetheless, you can use a handy tool like a scraper to remove the unwanted strains inside it. But make sure not to pressure intensely as it may damage the hot plate. It is better to assure that the internal part of the cooker is dry before inserting the inner pot.

Step 5: Cleaning the Exterior Part of the Cooker

You may think it is unnecessary to clean the outside part of the cooker. However, you need to clean the exterior parts routinely as it becomes very hot as well as dirty when you cook.

To remove the indelible or hard strains, you can use a natural solution like vinegar mixed with water instead of detergent. Keep in mind to clean the electrical cord that captured any dust or residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you’ve got a clear idea of cleaning your rice cooker with vinegar. But we’ve also got you covered with other fruitful information in the following section.

Can you wash the inside of a rice cooker?

Yes, you can wash the inside of a rice cooker but make sure to remove the inner pot first. Because the inner pot produces heat, which helps you to cook food. To maintain its good condition and lifespan of your machine, you need to take it off.

Is it OK to leave rice in the rice cooker overnight?

Though you can leave rice inside the machine overnight, it is better not to do it. Because it will build up grease and bacteria, change the color of rice and also lose the original taste of the food.

Is it OK to leave the rice cooker on warm?

You can leave the rice cooker on warm at a specific temperature. The specific temperature will keep your food warm without burning the food. I will suggest you keep it at 60 degrees Celsius. Make sure your food doesn’t burn or build up any bacteria inside. But you should not exceed 24 hours after leaving it for warmth.

How long do rice cookers last?

A high-quality rice cooker can last 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of rice cookers may extend up to 20 years or more with proper care and maintenance.  However, a normal one may have a longevity of 5 to 8 years.

Final Thought

A rice cooker may be one of the best kitchen tools that we use, especially for Asians. Indeed a rice cooker won’t cause digging your bank, but it can last as long as possible with sufficient cleaning and proper maintenance.

Hence, it is needless to say how important it is to know how to clean rice cooker with vinegar. Hopefully, now you have enough ideas regarding cleaning your cooker pot with vinegar. We tried to keep our article resourceful as well as entertaining to value your precious time.

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