Epicurious 11 Piece Cookware Reviews For Aluminum Nonstick Set

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Non-reactive, non-toxic, high heat resistance, easier to clean, and safe with a unique design: these are the primary things to look for while buying a cookware set. Therefore, aluminum is by far the most desired cookware which checks all these important factors without compromises. However, not every manufacturer can make their cookwares both elegant and the safest as well as easy to cook on simultaneously. 

Epicurious does an outstanding job there and makes the safest, easiest, yet the most elegant cookwares. Today’s epicurious 11 piece cookware reviews are all about helping you understand how they do it and why you should care. Stick to the article, we’ll discuss what made Epicurious stand out from others from an expert point of view.

How We Reviewed These Products?

We have a dedicated product research team that analyzes the market for the best items for the money. Our team members have spent 12+ hours researching the best cookware sets including the different variants from Epicurious. After comparing with 25+ other and 4 Epicurious models, we’ve selected the Epicurious 11 piece aluminum cookware set. 

Epicurious 11 Piece Cookware Reviews

Aluminum construction with copper colored outer makes this cookware set amazingly outstanding. Read at the epicurious 11 piece cookware reviews to get an in-depth overview of the most elegant and the safest cookware set: 

Epicurious 11 Piece Cookware Reviews

Best value for money with the highest quality, that’s what would make it the best cookware set for the money. It has an aluminum construction that makes it both safer and longer lasting. Besides, the aluminum body has a base of impact-bonded stainless steel that offers an even heat distribution. 

Furthermore, these cookwares are durable enough to withstand  metal utensils, no matter how long you use them. Besides, the  safe nonstick interior will give you an effortless cleanup time as well as smooth food release. It’s usable on any kind of cooktops like coil, ceramic top, gas top, or induction stove. Plus, the cookwares are safe for both dishwasher and oven to give you a superior cooking experience. 

As there are 11 pieces inside the box, you’ll get almost anything you need for a fully-functional kitchen. You’re getting everything including fry pans (2), saucepans (2), stock pot, sauté pans with glass and stainless steel lids. Further, it offers you universal stainless steel steamer inserts for smoother cooking. The handles have covers to help you use them without gloves and the copper outer color makes it stand out. 

Main Features Of Epicurious 11 Piece Cookware

Here are the key features of the epicurious 11 piece cookware that made it outstanding: 

Heavy Aluminum Build:

This 11-piece cookware set comes with a heavy-duty aluminum build, ensuring a superior cooking performance. It offers better thermal efficiency, eye-catching design, and convenient cooking. Besides, the non-stick inner surface will surely be a big advantage while handling the food in it. The outstanding build quality makes it the best cookware set under 200 bucks. 

Stainless Steel Base:

Getting an even and superior heat distribution is crucial if you want to cook delicious food. This cookware set comes with an impact-bonded stainless steel base with its aluminum construction that ensures rapid heating. Plus, you’ll get a longer lifespan from these cookware, not to mention the cooper coloring for outstanding aesthetics. 

Silicon Handle Covers:

Handling the cookware while cooking should be effortless and this set has the right design for that. You’ll get heat-resistant riveted silicon covers on the handles of all these 11 sets. Therefore, you can touch them without any substitutes like hand gloves to avoid touching the hot handles. It doesn’t only saves your cooking time, but also makes the cooking easier. 

Glass and Steel Lids:

No worries about keeping your eyes on the food while cooking because these cookwares come with glass lids. They’ll show you what’s going on under the lid just fine without having to lift the lid. Worried about the rigidity? These lids have tempered glass construction with stainless steel barriers for added safety. 

Safe for Any Situation:

These cookware sets have tough construction not only for handfeel, but also from the inside. You can use them in the oven because they’re oven safe for 350° F with the lids on them. They’re also safe with metal utensils and cooking tools with scratch free inner layers. Washing them is a breeze because they’re dishwasher safe as well as any other washing methods. 

Technical Details and Specifications:

  • Product includes: 11 cookwares, lids, steamer insert
  • Build Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel
  • Lid type: Glass, steel, with handle
  • Handle safety: Heat-resistant silicone cover 
  • Safety: Dishwasher and Oven safe 
What’s Great?
  • Combined SS and aluminum build
  • Rapid and even heat distribution
  • Silicon-covered handles
  • Tempered glass lids with handles
  • Dishwasher and oven safe

What’s Not Great?
  • No vent holes on the lids 

Compilation Of Customer Opinions of Epicurious 11 Piece Cookware

This cookware set has gained amazing feedback from the customers and the reason is pretty obvious. Want to know why? Here are some customer opinions about this cookware sets after using them: 

  • It’s a gorgeous piece of kitchen kit. Arrived at my doorsteps well packed in good shape. They’re really sturdy and well built with fantastic sizes! The bottom takes a little longer to heat up but that’s okay considering the thickness.
  • I usually cook bacon on my grill and need the square pans to do the job. This cookware set has just the right design and construction I wanted. Doesn’t stick, heats evenly, does a good job keeping my timing with grilling. Great pan! 
  • Solid construction, I could feel that just by getting one on my hand! Really amazing kit for a modern kitchen. I loved the copper color because it looks classy.

Epicurious 11 Quality and Durability

Since this cookware set has a heavy-duty construction with aluminum and stainless steel, it’s really durable. Besides, the lids are made of tempered glass and the handles are all metal with riveted silicon covers. Therefore, you’re going to get a superior cooking experience with great food quality for a lifetime. On top of that, the inner sides of these cookwares are non-stick and resistant to metal utensils. You can use metal, wooden, or silicone utensils according to the food you’re preparing. 

How To Use Epicurious Cookware

Since the Epicurious stainless steel cookware is non-stick and has two materials in the build, you should know how to use them. Here are the step by step guides to help you understand how you can use these cookwares easily: 

How To Use Epicurious Cookware

Step 1: Preparing and cooking

Preparing the cookware is pretty simple as you don’t really have a ton of things to do here. All you have to do is, set the pan or pot on the cooking top and preheat it before starting to cook. However, don’t forget to clean the surface alongside the outside from dust, gries, and other unhealthy things. 

Step 2: Handling while cooking

You should handle your cookware with care; it doesn’t only give you better longevity, but also keeps your food well. It comes with riveted silicon covers on the metal handles to help you handle the hot pot comfortably. Besides, the glass lids also will help you handle them with less toucings as you can see inside. 

Step 3: Cleaning and storing

If you want your cookware to last longer and need better service next time you cook, you must keep it clean. As the inner surface is non-stick, cleaning them is super easy; you can put them into the dishwasher. Deep cleaning is also easy by adding 1 ½ cups of water with ½ cup of vinegar to the cookware. Cook them together for a few minutes and wash them out clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering with more queries about the epicurious 11 piece cookware in mind? Here are some common ones with their answers: 

Is Epicurious Cookware safe?

Yes, the epicurious cookwares are 100% safe with heavy duty construction, non-stick cooking surface, and leach-free cooking. 

Is it bad to use aluminum cookware?

If the cookware has good construction with well-thought design and composition, there’s no chance of harm in aluminum cookware. 

Where is Epicurious Cookware made?

All the epicurious cookwares are made in America with almost 20% thicker base plates compared to similar cookware manufacturers. 

How do I get the black stuff off my non-stick pan?

You can use ½ up of vinegar mixed with 1 ½ cup of clean water and boil them together. This cleaning process will help you get rid of the black spots  on the pan. 

Final Thought

Using the epicurious Cookware is really simple and easy-understanding, especially because it’s resistant to harsh situations. The best part about the epicurious cookware is its well-thought design from the inside to outside. You’re not only getting a rapid, even heating, but also having a longer lifespan because of the stainless steel base. 

We hope that the epicurious 11 piece cookware reviews helped you know this set inside out. Everything about this cookware from cooking, handling, and cleaning, will be a breeze because of the construction. If you’re after great aesthetics, this set doesn’t leave you behind either because it offers the classic copper colors outside.

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