11 Benefits Of Rice Cooker – Why Should You Use Rice Cooker?

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Though rice is one of the affordable food in the world, it takes time to get perfectly cooked rice. I took a lot of time to get this perfect rice on the stove, but when my friend got a bowl of perfect rice just in one day by using the rice cooker, from that very day, I started using the rice cooker. And believe me, there is no end in getting the benefits of the rice cooker. How? Please stick with me till the end.

Benefits Of Rice Cooker - Why We Should Use Rice Cooker?

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Why Use Rice Cooker?

Rice cooker is the small kitchen appliances that help to make your rice in a fast and easy way. Those who don’t have enough time to cook but want to have a fresh and hot meal, the rice cooker is the best option to pick. With a rice cooker, you can get lots of cooking benefits; let’s check.

  • You are cooking any type of rice. If you want to taste the different rice grains, try with a rice cooker. It will turn out perfect.
  • Save huge power. By using the rice cooker, you can save enough energy.
  • You can cook healthy food. The minerals and vitamins will stay in the food if you cook with a rice cooker.
  • Get warm food any time you want.

Notes: To pick the right rice cooker to enjoy the benefits, check the article about the rice cooker buying guide.

Benefits Of Rice Cooker:

You cannot ignore the convenience of a rice cooker if you cook rice regularly. Your cooking experience gets easy with the rice cooker, and you will get a bowl of perfect rice. Check the benefits of rice cooker:

  • Multipurpose and Automatic:

You can use the basic rice cooker just by using the power switch. The modern rice cookers allow cooking different dishes by using multi-function settings. For this, you don’t have to spend ample time in the kitchen to cook different meals at a time.

  • Keeps food warm:

The rice cooker has to keep warm features that help the food stay warm until it is on the plate. But don’t keep the feature on till 12 hours; it is not healthy to eat. Never left the cooker on overnight; it will turn the food poisonous.

  • Perfect rice:

Even if you give less rice and more water or less water and more rice, the rice will cook perfectly in the rice cooker. But when you are cooking brown rice, you have to mesure the water carefully.

  • Cooks any rice and dish

You can cook any type of rice grain with a rice cooker. All you have to do is to adjust the water level, especially for the brown rice. Meat and fish can be cook perfectly with the cooker by adjusting the heat and water.

  • The micom technology

The modern rice cooker has the micom technology that allows adjusting the time and temperature while cooking. The heat distribution is even with this rice cooker.

  • Improved nutrition

Rice is the healthy and low-calorie starch that helps to digest and gluten-free. It is a filling food, so if you can cook the rice properly, then you will not have a gap in the nutrition in your diet.

  • Easy to clean

You will not have to face any hassle to clean the rice cooker. Just use warm soapy water and foam to clean the stove instantly. After done with washing, just use a damp cloth to dry the cooker bowl. See, it is simple and easy.

  • Making a hot breakfast

You can make hot cereals or oatmeal for breakfast with the cooker. You can try hot soup also. If you want hot water to make milk, add water in the bowl and heat. Oh! You can cook eggs also in the cooker.

  • Steaming vegetables

If your rice cooker has a steamer, then you can make steamed vegetables easily while cooking rice. You can try any types of vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, cabbages, peas, etc. They will taste delicious.

  • Non-sticky rice

The rice cooker cooks non-sticky rice easily. You will find every rice grain are separated from each other. One thing rice cooker assures is no chance of getting burned or mushy rice.

  • Saves energy and time

If you are a busy person, and have less time to cook, get a rice cooker now. With this little kitchen appliance, your time and energy will get saved in a great amount. You will not have to worry about the utility bill if you use the cooker.

Notes: There are different types of rice cookers; if you are looking for the microwave rice cooker, then pick the right one after reading this review about the best microwave rice cooker.

How To Use a Rice Cooker?

To make the rice cooking fast and perfect, you have to know the use of the rice cooker accurately. Don’t worry; it is the easiest cooking process:

  • Start by taking the rice with a measuring cup. Take a proper amount and rinse the rice properly.
  • Include the cold water in the correct ratio. Make sure to check the water labels for the rice grain you are using.
  • Keep the grains under the water; if you want to add taste, then you can use salt or butter in the water.
  • Plug the cooker and start the power on. Wait or do other cooking while the rice is cooking. The stove will shut off automatically when the rice is cooked.
  • Keep the warm feature on until the food is served.

Safety And Maintenance Tips For Rice Cooker

As the rice cookers are time and energy saver, every kitchen needs it.  To enjoy the benefits mostly, you have to follow the safety and maintenance tips.


  • Please read the instructions before using the rice cooker for the first time because it works with heat, water, and electricity.
  • Use gloves to touch the hot surface; don’t use your bare hands.
  • Make sure to keep the rice cooker on a flat, stable, and dry surface. Wipe the water if it falls from the cooker.
  • Keep the cooker unplugged while you are placing the rice bowl inside.
  • When you are done with cooking, keep the cooker disconnected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a rice cooker worth it?

If you are a rice lover and also try to cook different dishes, yes, a rice cooker is worth it for you.

Is cooking rice in a rice cooker healthy?

Yes, cooking rice in a cooker is healthy because the rice preserves healthier nutrients.

Can I leave the rice cooker on overnight?

Ans:  Never, because the rice tends to grow poisonous bacteria.

Final Thought

The Rice cooker makes rice cook fast and simple. All you have to do is to add the proper amount of rice and water and wait till the cooking is done. The days are gone to watch the boiling pan frequently to stop the water spillover or getting burned rice to eat. Purchase the right rice cooker and enjoy the benefits of rice cooker for a long time. Now maximum rice cookers come with different options that let you cook different delicious dishes. If you have sudden guests coming to your house, use the rice cooker and see how fast your dishes will be ready to serve.

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