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Article Write: | Latest Update On: February 28, 2021

What is Cookwaredaily?

If you’re a chef or a common person who loves to cook then this site Cookwaredaily is the loveliest place for you.  Basically, Cookwaredaily is the collection of all the best cookware for your kitchen and its relevant accessories. The site is operated by some dedicated team members who are experts in different criteria of cookware and its relevant accessories.

Each and every single team member of Cookwaredaily aims to provide you the best cookware products without wasting your energy & time. If you’re here then you don’t have to worry anymore about anything you’re looking for. Because we have listed every single thing that you might look for, from the best food processor to the best cookware set. All of our efforts would be successful when you get the ultimate products based on your requirements and budgets.

How Our Products Are Rated

We don’t follow any shortcut way to rate our listed products on this site. Every single product you found here came through a systematic process. In our product rating process, we start with market research. Our research team studies the top products of the top-selling brands and deeply analyzes their characteristics. Then our expert team looks for the product’s core features and  listed products that fulfill all the requirements.

We also study the real buyer’s reviews of the products that we are analyzing. From real buyers’ reviews, we get their real-life experience with these products. Our expert team noted down their suggestion and warnings and cross-checked the features of the products. Once a product passes all the tests we forward that product to the writing team to list its overall description and features. Then our writing team re-checked everything and listed that product on our site with a complete guideline.

How We Make the Product Reviews? 

Market Study

Market research is the very first and foremost thing that we do first. Our research team studies the popular products of the popular brands to understand their characteristics and features. 

Determining the Core Features

Many brands offer many features to highlight their products but not all of them are necessary for their users. So we focus on the core features of the products that are highly important and beneficial for the customers.

Product Selection Process

In this stage, we primarily select some top-selling products of the best brands that our research team found by comparing them with other products. Another thing our team pays attention to here is they especially look for those products that are highly appreciated by its users.

Analyzing the Real-Buyers Reviews

No one will deny that the real-buyers know the real characteristics of a product. For this, we’ve developed a system that can detect unnatural reviews and help us to focus on the original reviews.

Product Ranking

We follow a very straightforward ranking system. For each and every product we listed on our site, we gave them a score based on their nature, features, durability, reliability. Through this process, every product gets a score, and the higher the score the better the product.

Reviews Writing

When we got all the information from our experts and research team, we accumulated the data and forwarded it to our writing and editor team. After re-checking everything, the writing team listed the product on our site with proper descriptions and its features.

Buying Guide

As our mission is to help you until you get the right product that you’re looking for. We did everything for that! In the buying guide, we sum all of our research-findings and provide you all the information and the comparison data to assist you in selecting the absolute product that you’re looking for.  

Who Are We?

Kevin Ruiz

Kevin is the man behind creating this site Cookwaredaily. Basically, he’s a businessman, who is selling cookware and its related accessories for almost 15 years. In this huge time, while operating his business, he found that most of the customers have zero knowledge about these products.

Because of this, they sometimes brought the wrong product for them and later regretted that. This actually motivates Kevin to create this site. He wants to help people and share his knowledge and experience with people to help them get the right product. 

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Jerrold B. Brown

Jerrold is the head of our expert team. Before joining here, Jerrold worked for a renowned cookware industry as a quality in charge. This is one of the main reasons we hired him to our team. 

His experience and knowledge in this sector are huge. Under his guidance, our experts and research team conduct the product research and analysis process.

John M. Bryan

John is known as a magician in our team. Basically, he’s a research writer and chief editor of Cookwaredaily. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Linguistics. We call him the magician because of his outstanding writing skills.

John does not choose writing just because it’s his profession, he chooses it because of his passion. The strong side of John is he never writes anything without doing proper research about that. Once everything is clear to him he starts writing on that.

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